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Expert Pest Control Services Lakemore, OH

Tired of dealing with pests getting in? Contact the profssionals at Greener Grass today to get a quote for our perimeter pest spraying services and more.

Keep Bugs Outside of Your House

Insect infestations are extremely frustrating, costly and time-consuming for any property owner in Lakemore, OH. Maintain tranquility in your home by taking steps to prevent an infestation of stink bugs, earwigs, spiders, ants, silverfish, wasps and more. Our Lakemore pest control team works to keep these annoyances outside of your house.

At Greener Grass, we have a customer-first approach to doing business, ensuring the experience of working with us is nothing short of amazing. From answering phone calls, responding to emails and actually showing up to perform the work, our preventive pest control specialists are committed to providing an unmatched level of service.

Organic All-Natural, Safe & Effective Pest Control in Lakemore

Our preventive pest control program concentrates on protecting your house with quarterly visits using only 100% organic products. Beginning with sweeping eaves and soffits to remove nests and webs. Followed by applying a dust that deters insects from creating habitats near your home. Next we apply a waterproof perimeter spray two feet up and out from your foundation, also in front of doors, walkway approaches, around cracks and crevices. After that we set up a granular guard using bait stations which target nesting spots. The entire treatment will eliminate any insects currently hanging around, then repel them for multiple weeks.

At Greener Grass, we have your home covered. Our goal is to provide you the best pest control services in Lakemore without the worry of potentially toxic chemicals being used around your home. You can expect to receive a superior level of service from our team because we do not take shortcuts or cut corners. We are licensed and insured for your protection and have a fleet of professionally branded equipment along with uniformed employees, allowing you to relax knowing the pests will be kept away.

Don’t let insects bug you in your home, get in touch with us today for a free estimate and find out more about how our team can help protect your family!

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