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Perimeter Pest Control Canton, OH

Keep bugs and other pests out of your home with our full-spectrum exterior pest prevention service.

Residential Pest Control in Canton & Surrounding Areas

Your home is your comfort zone. Unfortunately, it can also be comfortable for unwanted pests! Some insects may pop in though open doors or holes in window screens, but even greater numbers will enter through untreated openings that most would not even think about. A perimeter treatment of your home forms a barrier and will help protect your home against pest invasion.

Insects and bugs will invade your home from all angles. They sneak in through cracks in the foundation, openings in mortar joints, loose dryer vents, drains and sump pumps or any other opening they can find. They nest in your landscape beds. Some insects crawl right through door sills or slide under storm doors. A successful perimeter pest control program hinges on the application of a strong barrier treatment. This requires multiple types of products to protect various points of entry.

Determined insects seem to always find a way inside, whether that is marching between cracks in window sills or through other openings around the property. When you need preventive pest control in Canton, OH we can provide an effective service. With help from our team at Greener Grass Organic Lawn & Pest, you won’t have to deal with pest problems because we implement impactful yet safe pest control methods. Our pest control service will prevents bugs and insects from entering your home without harmful chemicals as our pest control program is all-natural and uses 100% organic products.

Safe & Effective Pest Prevention Services

Battling an infestation of interior pests is expensive, frustrating and time-consuming. You can avoid those problems by having a perimeter pest control service in place. Quarterly treatments will provide the year-round protection that you need for your home by supplying ongoing protection for various stages of the insect’s life-cycle. Quarterly treatments also ensure defense against the insect’s different habits as the seasons change.

You can trust the pest control experts at Greener Grass to use products that are safe for you and your family. Chemical insecticides can be harmful to people, pets and the environment. Our Canton, OH perimeter pest control program is 100% organic. Treatments are scheduled to provide safe, year-round control to protect your home.

As with all Greener Grass service programs, we offer FREE service calls between treatments, if needed.

Don’t let insects bug you inside your home. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help protect your family!

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