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At Greener Grass, we are dedicated to practices and processes that are truly organic. To help alleviate those unpleasant pests, we create barriers that repel pests long before they get near your home. By applying seasonal and targeted applications of organic products, Greener Grass can help you minimize invasions of these troublesome pests. Through regularly scheduled applications, we are able to develop a barrier that provides a consistent protection from all types of pests, allowing you to keep your family safe without the pests and without the dangerous chemicals.


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Most pest prevention products are loaded with heavy chemicals that create toxic contact and inhalation barriers and can adversely affect your family and pets. An organic pesticide is produced according to the standards assigned by The Organic Act and its regulations. Organic pesticides are created using materials that occur in nature and are often left virtually unchanged for our use.

Words like organic and natural are often misused, which means that a lawn care company can claim to use organic products even though the products they use may still include some synthetic products and pesticides. At Greener Grass, we believe that if it had to be developed in a laboratory, using synthetic chemicals, it isn’t organic. It has become our commitment to quality and to your family’s health, meaning you can be sure that our products will always be 100% organic.


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