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Organic Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Care


Make smart, safe decisions by asking the right questions of your lawn care provider:


As you search for the right lawn care company, be sure to do adequate research. This is especially important if you’re considering an organic alternative to traditional, chemical care.




What is in your fertilizers?

  • Do they contain biosolids or animal waste?
  • Are your products synthetic?
  • Are they simply a blend of synthetic and natural materials?
  • Are these products organic or organic-based?


What types of herbicides do you use for weed control?

  • Do you apply 2, 4D?
  • Was this in Agent Orange?


Chemical pre-emergent for crabgrass?

  • How does this work?
  • Does it form a chemical barrier across the entire lawn that stays in place for months?


Do you use insecticides in a preventative fashion?

  • Can these products harm beneficial off target species?
  • Do these products work by attacking the nervous system?

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