Rest Easy Knowing We are Entirely Committed to Organic Products and Procedures

At Greener Grass, we understand that a beautiful lawn is a healthy lawn. We also understand that at the core of your healthy lawn is a solid soil pH. We are dedicated to the safety of your family and the environment, and we help to ensure that safety through strictly organic products and practices, including our pH adjustment process. Synthetic chemicals, often present in so called “organic” products increase the acidity of your soil and cause more damage. Greener Grass uses only 100% organic products, so you can be sure your family is safe and your soil stays alkaline.

Understand What Organic is Supposed to Mean

The terms organic and natural are largely unregulated, despite the Organic Act regulations. Many companies who report that they provide organic services are actually using products that contain large quantities of synthetic chemicals. Greener Grass is dedicated to entirely organic products. We believe that if it needs to be developed in a laboratory, it isn’t organic and we won’t use it. Your family matters, which is why we will always be committed to 100% organic products.

Contact Greener Grass Today for PH Adjustment You’ll Feel Good About

PH adjustment is one of the most important factors in your lawn’s health. It promotes the growth of good bacterial necessary for healthy, lush lawns. Don’t let chemicals leach away your beautiful yard, contact Greener Grass today and enjoy your beautiful lawn all season long. Don’t wait, request a free quote and trust that your family will be as healthy as your lawn.