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Lawn Overseeding Service


A thick, healthy lawn is the best way to combat weeds and pests. Thin or bare areas serve only to weaken your lawn as well as ruin the overall appearance. Greener Grass Lawn Care has developed an exceptional over seeding process that, when combined with our annual core aeration procedures promote seed development and introduces new seed varieties more resistant to disease. Want to learn more about how to make your lawn look beautiful? Contact Greener Grass today.




See What Genuine Organics Offers

The Organic Act developed regulations on terms like organic and natural, unfortunately, many of those terms are still largely unregulated. Many companies that claim to practice natural or organic processes use products that contain synthetic products and pesticides. At Greener Grass, we believe that if it was developed in a laboratory, using synthetic products, it isn’t organic. We are committed to 100% organic products and techniques, no synthetics in our products.


See the Greener Grass Difference

Greener Grass is committed to organics. We understand that your family matters and we believe that organic practices and products are the only way to effectively protect your family and enjoy a beautiful lawn. Chemical pesticides and products remain on your lawn for months after application, leaving your family exposed to dangerous chemicals far longer than you may realize. Greener Grass uses only 100% organic products, so you can be sure your family is safe.


Discuss Over Seeding Techniques with Greener Grass Today

Over seeding is a process that promotes a stronger, healthier yard that is entirely organic. Through over seeding we can add disease resistant grasses that will help your lawn to look lusher and fuller. Our practices will keep your home, your family and the environment safe. Interested in learning more about what Greener Grass can do for you? Contact us today to request a free quote.

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