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Lawn Fertilization

Our all-natural, 100% organic lawn fertilizing services give your lawn the nutrients it needs to thrive!

People & Pet-Safe Lawn Fertilizing

While soil can provide some nutrients that lawns need in order to grow, most require the help of fertilizer to reach their maximum potential. The lawn care experts at Greener Grass Organic Lawn & Pest are here to help your yard look its best throughout the growing season. We use top-quality organic products and cutting-edge methods to ensure a lush, healthy lawn. Our lawn fertilization professionals are highly-skilled in the nutrient needs of all types of local grass types and can create the perfect plan for fertilizing your lawn.

Professional organic lawn fertilization provides many benefits to the overall look and health of your lawn while still being safe for children and pets. Organic fertilizer provides essential nutrients such as nitrogen to your grass to help it grow. Lawns that are regularly fertilized are proven to be thicker, greener and more resilient to daily use such as walking and playing. Healthier lawns also have less bald spots and are less susceptible to drought and pests. Greener Grass Organic Lawn & Pest’s lawn fertilization services can help your yard become healthier and more beautiful while creating a space to build memories with your family, friends and neighbors.

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Our 6-Application Plan Stimulates Growth & Improves Soil Health

Fertilizing your grass at the correct times of the year is very important. Although the best times can vary depending on the type of grass and soil, most grass should be fertilized several times throughout the year. During peak season your lawn will need the right food to help it grow! Our nature-first approach to lawn fertilization services can help your lawn stay healthy in every season!

Why Organic Fertilizer Is The Best For Your Yard

Traditional chemical fertilizers and pesticides provide a short-term fix for a deeper problem. Repeatedly utilizing synthetic chemicals ends up actually weakening your lawn. Relying on synthetic fertilizers will lead to your soil becoming compact which worsens the original cause of the issue in the first place – getting nutrients into the root systems.

Compact soils lead to shallow roots, and weakened grass becomes more susceptible to disease, environmental stress and insect infestation. Through our holistic and 100% organic methods, you’ll enjoy a breathtaking lawn without the chemicals that can be dangerous to your family, your pets and the environment.

Our expert team at Greener Grass can apply organic fertilizer to lawns of all shapes and sizes. Let our team of lawn fertilization experts evaluate your yard and guide you in creating a custom fertilization plan that will make your lawn the best on the block.

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