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Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Fertilization


New Customers Get $25 OFF Your First Lawn Fertilization Service From Greener Grass!



This spring, get the beautiful lawn you’ve always wanted with lawn fertilization services from Greener Grass. Unlike fertilizing products that rely on synthetic chemicals, our methods are all natural and work to create a healthy, robust lawn that not only looks amazing, but is safer for children and pets. Fill out the form and claim the $25 OFF special before it’s gone!


Why Our Lawn Fertilization is the Better Solution

Traditional chemical fertilizers and pesticides provide a short-term fix for a deeper problem. Repeatedly utilizing synthetic chemicals ends up actually weakening your lawn and the plants growing in it. Relying on synthetic 

fertilizers in particular will lead to your soil becoming compact which worsens the original cause of the issue in the first place—getting nutrients into the root systems.

Compact soils lead to shallow roots and a weakened plant that is also susceptible to disease, Save & Exit environmental stress, and insect infiltration. Through the holistic and 100% natural methods used by our team at Greener Grass, you’ll enjoy a breathtaking lawn without the chemicals that can be dangerous to your family, your pets, and the environment.


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The Greener Grass team proudly serves Canton, Ohio and the surrounding areas with a variety of lawn care services. Contact us today for a FREE soil test and $25 OFF your first lawn care service!

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