Greener Grass is dedicated to practices and processes that are truly organic. We focus on products that are naturally developed, considered low-risk and cleared for organic farming certifications. We have developed products that include pelargonic acid, fatty acids, clove oil, horticultural vinegar, and soybean oil, all of which are considered non-toxic by the EPA. What’s more, regularly scheduled applications of these organic products can keep the weeds in your landscaped beds, patio or driveway under control and your space looking beautiful.

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In the lawn care industry, the terms natural and organic are poorly regulated, making the decision on how and what to use, a matter of your family’s health. Often, our clients aren’t aware of the misuse of these terms and don’t realize that these products may still include some synthetic products and herbicides.

At Greener Grass, we are dedicated to using only the most carefully made products in our processes; products designed to improve the health of your lawn and soil. If it had to be developed in a laboratory, it isn’t organic. We have developed each step of our bed maintenance process to meet the specific needs of your soil. We take organics seriously because we are committed to quality and to your family’s safety and health. You can be sure our products are 100% organic.


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Whether you’re searching for a safer way to keep those beds looking great, or you just want to learn more about the Greener Grass commitment to organics, we’ve got the answers you need. Our bed maintenance system can enhance your soil’s health through regularly scheduled applications. Contact us today to request a free quote. Your family, your health and your home matter, Greener Grass understand that. Contact Greener Grass today.