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At Greener Grass, we are dedicated to practices and processes that are environmentally friendly and make your lawn great. To help alleviate those problem crabgrass areas, we utilize a recently developed liquid corn gluten product. The benefit to this product, over its granular counterparts, is the ability to treat only problem areas. This allows us to regulate various nutrient levels in the soil, including calcium, which then minimizes crabgrass.

Over time, the Greener Grass process will develop your lawn into a thick, healthy lawn, naturally crowding out most troublesome weeds, including crabgrass, without the harmful effects of blanket pre-emergent applications which lay atop the soil, increasing the risk of harmful exposure long after the product’s preliminary applications. At Greener Grass, we want your family and your home to feel safe.


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Most lawn care products are regulated based on their chemical make-up, terminology, however, has been grossly unregulated. Words like organic and natural are often misused, which means that a lawn care company can claim to use organic products even though the products they use still include some synthetic fertilizers, biosolids and chemical pesticides. At Greener Grass, we believe that if it had to be developed in a laboratory, using synthetic chemicals, it isn’t natural.

Our basic program addresses many of the issues modern lawns face, primarily depleted nutrients and a lack of healthy microorganisms, often the result of years of synthetic treatments. Our methods are designed to restore healthy soil and to revitalize your lawn’s turf.


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