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Core Aeration

Core Aeration Service


A healthy yard is a happy place for your family. One of the often overlooked ways to promote your lawn’s health is having an annual core aeration service. This annual practice can promote water, nutrient and oxygen absorption, which in turn promotes root development and turf density. If your lawn looks weedy, or if you’re simply considering what core aeration could do for your lawn, Greener Grass Lawn Care has the practices and procedures that can offer you a beautiful lawn you’ll be happy about.




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The terms organic and natural are largely misused within the context of lawn care. To combat this, the Organic Act was created, but the misuse continues. Because of the loose restrictions, many lawn care companies use products that claim to be organic, but contain a number of synthetic products and pesticides. At Greener Grass, we have a 100% organic commitment because we care about your family’s health.


Enjoy a Commitment to Exceptional Quality

The Greener Grass Company was established with the environment and your family’s health in mind. We are committed to practices and products that are 100% organic and have developed an arsenal of practices, our core aeration included, that promote the development of a healthier, heartier lawn without the dangerous chemicals, chemicals that stay in your yard for months after their application.


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With practices like our annual core aeration procedures, we can create a stronger, healthier root structure and, in turn, a stronger lawn. Our core aeration procedures are 100% organic, and promote water, nutrient and oxygen absorption through the root zone, allowing your lawn to flourish. If you’re interested in learning more about our core aeration procedures, or any of our exceptional organic products and techniques, contact Greener Grass today and we’ll put together a free quote.

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