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The Sights and Smells of Spring…

by Apr 11, 2013Blog

After a long, long winter that didn’t want to end, spring is finally here. The sights, sounds and warmth are all welcomed by our senses. It’s great to be back outside and enjoying some great weather. 

There are a few things that are not so inviting about spring that bother me every year. As people’s lawns wake up from winter the chemicals start to come out. 

1. Just the other day, as I pulled into a neighborhood to meet a client, it hit me. 

As soon as I turned the corner I could smell the chemicals in the air. The smell was so powerful and overwhelming. I made one turn, then another, looking for a lawn flag or a truck. I got a few streets in on this breezy day before I found the lawn truck responsible for filling the entire neighborhood with that toxic smell. There’s no better way to ruin a moment on a nice spring afternoon than with the smell of chemicals in the air. 

2. They’re everywhere, which is bad for all of us.

Chemical pre emergent/fertilizer combo left on the street. This isn’t just fertilizer, it’s a combo product with a chemical pre emergent weed control. It was left on the side of road by a lawn technician from one of the large national companies, I just happened to see his truck in front of the house. Chemicals are bad enough for the people who choose to use them, but let’s not expose everyone else too! 

These granulars can get picked up on your shoe and tracked in the house where they can remain in place for a very long time. They can also get stuck in animals paws.

What happens when it rains? Off target chemical applications such as this one are sure to run-off, contaminating our water ways and storm drains. It’s just unnecessary and quite frankly, rude to leave this stuff laying on the street. 

What’s the solution?

There are plenty of alternative paths to avoid the use of such products and still sustain excellent results. Proper cultural practices will go long way to help improve your lawn to reduce the need for all of these chemical applications. Organic fertilizers are a great way to improve your soil health and allow the lawn, not the weeds to thrive. The best part about this approach is that you can go on enjoying spring without worrying about all the chemicals.


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