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Spring Lawn Care Tips

by Apr 15, 2014Blog

There’s no way around it: your lawn requires maintenance. With warm weather upon upon us, here’s a list of spring lawn care tips that will help prepare your grass for another summer season.

Spot Seeding

In early April, look for areas of your lawn that are bare or thin with grass. They can be anywhere, though often are found along the edges of driveways and sidewalks. Use a Garden Weasel to loosen the dirt, spread new grass seed liberally, and work it into the soil. Keep newly seeded areas moist around the clock for at least one month.

Spring Fertilizing Choices

You can prevent new weeds from establishing by applying a layer of chemical pre-emergent weed control or corn gluten meal to your lawn. Chemical pre-emergents are very powerful, but they are classified as toxic and remain on your lawn for 8-10 weeks. Corn gluten meal is non-toxic and safe to be around, and works well in conjunction with other organic lawn care practices.

Snow Mold

Snow mold occurs over winter and can be reversed by simply raking over the affected areas lightly with a metal spring rake. You can also help prevent snow mold in the fall by mowing late into the season and finishing with a short 2-inch cut.

Mowing Taller

The biggest impact you can have on your lawn’s health is mowing taller. Taller grass blades have deeper roots and can store more water. Set your mower deck height to 3.5 to 4 inches off the ground, and never cut off more than ⅓ of your lawn’s grass blade height.

Mower Maintenance

If possible, perform maintenance in the fall before storing your lawn mower. At least run your fuel tank dry, drain it of fuel, or use a fuel stabilizer in the fall to ensure your mower starts properly in the spring. Maintain your mower’s engine by replacing its spark plug annually, inspecting and cleaning its air filter, and changing the oil. Also sharpen the blades (follow the instructions in your owners manual or have them sharpened by a professional) and clean out debris from the undercarriage.

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