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Spring Lawn Care: Spot Seeding

by May 5, 2014Blog

Bare spots on your lawn should be addressed immediately, regardless of the season. With spring here, April is a great time to look for areas of your lawn that could benefit from spot seeding.

These areas can often be found along the edges of your lawn by a driveway or sidewalk; a winter’s season of shoveling, snow blowing and plowing can sometimes damage nearby grass. Thin areas, however, can appear anywhere on a lawn, especially where weeds are outcompeting your grass for sun and nutrients. Spot seeding these areas will help prevent new weeds from establishing and keep others from spreading.

Not sure what type of seed to use? Just ask your Greener Grass representative, as most seeds are tailored to specific environments, like shade or sun and wet or dry conditions.

Preparing the Spot

Once you’ve identified a bare spot, use a Garden Weasel or other type of manual tiller to loosen the soil. Don’t worry if you damage what little grass is still there; it will all be replaced with stronger, new grass when you’re done. Once the ground is loosened, spread your seed liberally and work it into the loose soil. If there’s too much thatch or dead grass covering your soil, you can stamp it down and cover it with a layer of topsoil before adding your seed.


It’s important to keep the seed and soil moist for 3-4 weeks, so plan on watering the area lightly multiple times per day depending on the weather. If you’re using a sprinkler on a timer, be careful that you don’t overwater the newly seeded area when it rains.


Your bare spots should be on their way to filling in after a month or so, and it’s best to keep kids, pets and people from walking or playing on them until they appear blended with the surrounding lawn. Lastly, don’t forget to mow your lawn high – at least 3.5 inches – so these newly filled-in areas can establish a deep root system to keep them healthy all summer long and into winter.

If you have more questions about how to spot seed, or anything related to the care and health of your lawn, call 330-353-9105 to speak to a Greener Grass representative, or Contact Us through our website.


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