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Spring Lawn Care: Preventing Weeds

by May 13, 2014Blog

Spring is the best time for preventing weeds before they begin growing in earnest. This is called Pre-Emergent Weed Control, and there are two types of products available: chemical pre-emergents and corn gluten meal.

Chemical Pre-emergents

Chemical pre-emergent weed control products are powerful stuff. Usually applied in late fall or early spring, these chemical herbicides prevent the germination of seeds by inhibiting a key enzyme. While not harmful to any established plants, including any weeds or grasses already growing, chemical pre-emergents form a “barrier” on your lawn that prevents any new plants germinating for 8-10 weeks.There are two reasons to avoid using chemical pre-emergents. The first is that these chemicals stick around a long time; they will be present near the surface of your soil for over two months, which means kids, pets and people will be at risk of exposure to these toxic chemicals long after they’re applied. The second is that using chemical pre-emergents stops both weeds and grass from germinating; if you’re trying to repair bare spots or fill out your lawn with new grass, chemical pre-emergents may inhibit any new growth.

Corn Gluten Meal

Corn gluten meal was first discovered to have herbicidal effects in 1985 by a professor at Iowa State University and was later patented as a pre-emergent weed control product in 1991. It works by inhibiting the root formation of weeds, and naturally breaks down over time into a source of nitrogen for your lawn. Best of all, it’s non-toxic and safe for kids, pets and people to be around.

Available in granular form from most big box stores, corn gluten meal should be applied at specific times in early spring and autumn to be most effective. At Greener Grass, we time our applications perfectly and use a commercially available liquid form of corn gluten that ensures a uniform covering.

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